Studies on Adoption of Recommended Buffalo Breeding Practices in Punjab

G. S. Aulakh and Karamjit Sharma


The present study was conducted in Punjab to ascertain the adoption level of recommended buffalo breeding practices of the dairy farmers. It was found that majority of the respondents had medium level of adoption. However large dairy farmers (more than 5 buffalo) had higher adoption followed by medium (2-5 buffalo) and small (1-2 buffalo). The highest extent of adoption was observed in record keeping of the date of Artificial Insemination/ Natural service (78.33%) and regular watching of buffalo for heat symptom (71.11%), whereas low level of adoption was observed regarding pregnancy diagnosis (33.89%), regular check up of animal during pregnancy (38.61%) and adoption of A.I. (39.44%) . The education , caste and land holding of the respondents had positive and significant relationship with adoption of recommended buffalo breeding practices

Keyword: Adoption level; Dairy far

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