Farmers’ Attitude Towards Post-Harvest Issues of Horticultural Crops

M. S. Meena, Ashwani Kumar, K. M. Singh and H. R. Meena


Attitude as a component of human behavior is the pre-requisite for any action, which plays a dominant role in adoption of new post-harvest technologies. The present study was conducted in Ludhiana district of Punjab state to examine the farmers’ attitude towards post-harvest issues of horticultural crops. A Likert-type-scale was developed, which consisted of 14-items. The survey instrument contained three sections namely environmental, technological and economic aspects. Data were solicited by personal interview method from eighty horticultural crop growers. Study reveals that farmers’ had positive attitude towards post-harvest aspects of horticultural crops. The following measures have been recommended to boost-up and commercialization of post-harvest technologies: (i) organization of small farmers into groups or associations at block level (ii) emphasis on market-driven and decentralized extension system (iii) shifting of paradigm towards high-value enterprises and diversification (iv) organization of need-based and skill oriented trainings (v) popularization of post-harvest technologies by mass media, and (vi) informal education of farmers at village level

Keyword: Attitude; Horticultural c

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