Artificial Insemination for Dairy Development in Ranchi District of Jharkhand

Kumari Shweta


A study was envisaged to evaluate the prevailing breeding system in Ranchi district of Jharkhand. The data was collected through pre-structured interview schedule in the year 2009. The study revealed that both public (D.A.H.) and private (BAIF) sectors are providing artificial insemination services to the dairy owners to develop dairy industry in Jharkhand. The number of A.I. as well as coverage of breedable bovines through A.I. by D.A.H. (834 and 2.28 per cent) was low in comparison to BAIF centres (2135 and 37.16 per cent). Dairy owners express their higher satisfaction with A.I. performance of BAIF due to availability of good quality semen at their doorsteps

Keyword: Artificial Insemination, Farmer’s opinion

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