Constraints Faced by Pomegranate Growers Using Public and Private Extension Service

M.B. Shanabhoga, S.V. Suresha and Shivani Dechamma


The aim of the present study was to document the constraints faced by pomegranate growers who are availing consultancy services from private and public extension systems. This study conducted in Hiriyuru, Hosdurga and Challakere taluk of Chitradurga district with a total sample size of 120 comprising 60 growers each under public extension and private extension systems. The “Ex-post facto” research design was used in the study. The constraints were categorized as labour, technical, marketing, input and financial constraints. In case of public extension users, the constraints under technical are obtained mean score 54.50 received first rank, followed by labour constraints. Whereas, in case of private extension users, the constraints of labour obtained with an average score of 54.50 received first rank followed by input constraints. The study clearly indicates that, the pomegranate farmers who are availing the services from public and private extension systems are facing different problems in pomegranate cultivation.

Keyword: Pomegranate; Socio-demographic characters; Constraints; Public extension service;

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