Assessment of Livestock Service Delivery System in Cold Desert Region of Jammu and Kashmir

A.H. Akand, B.P. Singh, Mahesh Chander and R. Tiwari


Ladakh comprising two districtsKargil and Leh called as cold desert region of Jammu and Kashmir wherein the role of livestock is tremendous inproviding a substantial share in farmer’s economy. The role of extension personnel in such difficult areas is more crucial as it remains isolated from rest of the country for nearly half of a year and becomes challenging to provide livestock services to the farmers round the year.It was therefore felt imperative to know the perception of extension personnel about the service delivery of SDAH. The results revealed that 53.84 per centveterinarian were in younger age having less than 5 years of experience. Self-confidence was higher among veterinarians (69.23%) than para-veterinarians (35.29per cent). Although majority of veterinariansand paraveterinariansshowed higher perception towards service delivery by state department, a significant difference was observed among veterinarians and para-veterinarians towards the same.Several problems were pointed out by both veterinarians and para-veterinarians that caused hindrance in delivering the service to the farmers. Majority of farmers opined that they had medium accessibility of livestock services with medium satisfaction level. Involvement of private and community para-veterinarians can be of help in enhancing the livestock services required by farmers, as they perceived.

Keyword: Perception; Extension delivery system; Problems in extension; Para veterinarians;

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