Technical Efficiency of Different Fish Farming Practices in Assam

Sonmoina Bhuyan, M. Krishnan and Dipanjan Kashyap


This study was designed to assess technical efficiency of fish farming practices of the central Brahmaputra valley zone, Assam. Estimates of technical efficiency were done based on the primary data collected through a sample of 150 progressive farmers of CBV zone during 2010-11. The study revealed that there were three models of composite fish culture system existing in the region. The existing models were single stocking single harvesting (SSSH), single stocking multiple harvesting (SSMH) and multiple stocking multiple harvesting (MSMH). Cobb- Douglas production function model was used to determine the technical efficiency. Technical efficiency of fish production in CBV zone ranges from 35.9% to 95.2% when farmers are classified as marginal, small and large and technical efficiency was found to be 40.3% to 76.8% when farmers were grouped according to farming systems

Keyword: SSSH; SSMH; MSMH; Technical efficiency;

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