Risks and Prevention of Adolescents from Cyber Crime through Social Networking Sites

Shalini Gupta, Katayani and Pratima Sachan and Neelima Kunwar


Most of people in India are using gadgets and social networking sites like other developed countries. India is one of the very few countries to enact IT Act 2000 to combat cyber crimes. The present study was conducted in Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh. Four schools were randomly selected. Total sample sizes 300 school students in age group (12–19 years) adolescents would be selected randomly for the study purpose. In this research it was found that respondent’s age limit was 12-19 years which is defined as teenage. 15 to 18 years age group teenagers were more active and quickly used new technologies of social networking sites. Boys and girls were both involved in social networking sites. But of these females were more involved than males to get contact with social networking sites because they spent more time in home and school so they use more social networking sites. Girls are more facing cyber crime in comparison boys like cyber bulling; Misuse of photos, ID hacked etc. ICT is an important element in the education scenario in order to prepare citizens for the future. Since, its inception constraints influencing the use have not been studied; hence an exploratory research study is aimed at finding those constraints among the students. Age of teenagers is one of the most important characteristics in understanding their use of social networking sites. Age may refer to the length of time that a teenager has used social media. Current cyber crime policy is concerned with particular online risks adolescents are exposed to harmful or illegal content. Policy should first and foremost try to make youngsters resilient in using the internet and facing all its risks and opportunities. Second, for those risks that are too high to leave to the overall resilience of children and parents, notably when considerable harm may follow, policy should try to take measures that focus on decreasing these risks. The prime responsibility in protecting youths lies with parents and increasingly also with youths themselves.

Keyword: Risks; Prevention; Adolescent; Cyber crime; Social networking site

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