Buffalo Keepers’ Adoption about Improved Buffalo Production Practices

M.L. Meena, N.K. Sharma and Aishwarya Dudi


India possesses about 56.8 per cent (97.10 million) of the world’s buffalo population and is also a homeland for the best milk breed of buffaloes in the world. Buffaloes are considered more useful not only for quality butter and ghee but also for reasons such as higher fat component in milk, ability to utilize agriculture byproduce and require less amount of kilocalories to produce one kilogram milk. The study was conducted in flood prone eastern plain zone of Rajasthan. A sample of 270 buffalo keepers constituted small, medium and large herd owners based on certain number of buffaloes they possessed. Results indicated that more than half of the respondents possessed medium level of adoption. They had higher adoption about clean milk production followed by management, feeding, breeds and breeding practices. There also existed a significant difference with regard to adoption levels of small, medium and large herd owners

Keyword: Adoption; Buffalo product

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