Information Management Behaviour of Traditional Fish Farmers in Assam

Biswarup Saha and Rajita Devi


The present study was undertaken to analyse the information management behaviour of the traditional fish farmers in Assam. An ex-post-facto research design was followed for the study conducted in the purposively selected Nagaon district of Assam. A total of 80 traditional fish farmers from each of the eight selected villages of the four blocks from Nagaon district of Central Assam were taken as sample. The Information Management Behaviour of the traditional fish farmers was operationalised as the process of identifying and collection of information on fisheries technologies of origin, evaluating, storing, updating and retrieving it whenever necessary. The responses were obtained by administering the pre-tested interview schedule. Majority of the respondents belonged to medium category of (71%) information management behaviour, followed by low (15 %) and high (13 %) categories. Majority of the respondents used personal contacts for seeking information on different aspect of fisheries. Friends and neighbours, progressive farmers and input suppliers were the major source of information. More than two third of the respondents had medium information evaluation behaviour. Around 93.75 per cent of the respondents had the habit of evaluation of the information on the basis of economic consideration followed by discussion with neighbours/ friends/ fellow farmers

Keyword: Information management; Information seeking; Information evaluation; Information preservation;.

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