A Scale to Measure the Attitude of Farmers Towards Natural Farming

P. H. Zala and B.N. Kalsariya


Attitude is defined as the degree of encouraging or depressing feeling of the farmers towards natural farming. Attitude is a way of thinking, acting or feeling of a person towards a situation or cause. It is the accepted fact that an attitude of an individual plays an important role in determining one’s behaviour. Keeping this in view, a standardized scale had been developed to measure the attitude of farmers towards natural farming. A summated (likert) rating scale had been developed. The process started with identifying the dimension, collection of items followed by relevancy and item analysis, checking the reliability and validity for precision and consistency of the results. A total of 45 statements were framed and in which, 19 statements had finally retained which has practical applicability in measuring the attitude of farmers towards natural farming. The scale was containing a total of nineteen statements, out of which thirteen are positive and six statements are negative. The split half method developed by Brown Prophecy was employed to measure the reliability. The reliability coefficient (0.79) and content validity also worked, indicating higher reliability and validity of the scale. Hence, the same would be used elsewhere by any investigator.

Keyword: Attitude; Farmers; Natural farming; Scale product method.

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