Knowledge of Chilli Growers about Various Interventions of Chlli Cultivation under Institution Village Linkage Programme

P.C. Choudhary and Ramakant Sharma


India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of chillies in the world. India has immense potential to grow and export different types of chillies required by various markets around the world. Efforts were made through Institution Village Linkage Programme to conduct certain interventions of chilli cultivation to the chilli growers in Ajmer district of Rajasthan and refine them to suit their micro farming system. The knowledge of any technology is a key factor for its adoption. The present study was conducted with a view to study chilli growers’ level of knowledge about interventions of chilli cultivation introduced under IVLP. A total of 52 chilli growers were selected by random sampling technique. The results reflected that majority of respondents possessed medium level of knowledge about interventions of chilli cultivation under IVLP, whereas the benefited chilli growers possessed higher knowledge than non-benefited chilli growers. It was evident that there was a significant difference between knowledge level of both categories of chilli growers under IVLP

Keyword: Institute Village Linkage

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