Influence of Socio-economic Variables in Agricultural Web-education System - An Ex-post-facto study

P. Mooventhan


This experimental study was conducted to identify the influence of socio-economic variables on knowledge gain and symbolic adoption of agricultural web-education learners in six village of Tamil Nadu using expost-facto research design. The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) website ( was selected as a learning module for experiment. Totally one hundred and eighty respondents were selected for this study. The variables educational status and mass media exposure had influenced positively and significantly to knowledge gain. This showed that a unit increase in the educational status and media participation would increase the gain in knowledge by 0.24 and 0.32 units respectively. Farm status had negative coefficient, which means that a unit increase in farm status would result in decrease of knowledge gain by 0.420 units. Farm status and innovativeness had contributed positively at one per cent level of significance towards symbolic adoption whereas mass media exposure contributed negatively at one per cent level of significance. The study revealed that respondents were more satisfied and eager to learn through web-education. This indicates that, they were inclined towards accepting cyber extension approaches

Keyword: Knowledge gain; Symbolic adoption; Web-education;

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