Participation Pattern of Rural People in Watershed Development Programme in Haryana State

Nitin Kumar Pandey and Sunil Kumar Singh


stages i.e. planning, implementation and continuance. The present study was conducted in Panchkula district of Haryana to find out the level of participation of respondents about recommended practices in watershed development programme. Twenty six recommended practices pertaining to watershed development were identified. A total of 240 farmers from eight villages were interviewed personally and also conducted group discussion. Majority of respondents had moderate level of participation in different stage, of watershed development programmes. The participation level in planning stage was 70.0 per cent, whereas in implementation stage and maintenance stage were 60.83 per cent and 60.41 per cent respectively. The overall participation level of the respondents in all the three stages of the programme was moderate i.e 51.25 per cent, whereas only 18.75 per cent of the respondents had higher participation.

Keyword: Watershed development programme; Participation level; Management, constraints;

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