Bank Finance and Self Help Groups Linkages for Better Livestock Enterprises in Assam

M. Haque, P. Hazarika, K.K. Saharia, M.N.Ray, A. Borgohain and L.S. Khuman


impact of bank finance on livestock enterprise. Comprehensive lists of all the SHGs engaged in livestock enterprises, after taking loans from banks, in Darrang and Kamrup districts were prepared in consultation with the local Block Development Officers, officials from State Veterinary Department and cross checking with banks. Fifty SHGs were randomly selected from each list with minimum five years of experience in livestock enterprise and only one respondent was taken from each selected SHG as respondent for the present study to make the sample size 100. The finding revealed that majority of the respondents recorded their responses in “very muchâ€ degree in “feeling of empowermentâ€ after taking bank loans. In all other impact components like-increased animal husbandry farm income, improvement of food standard, children’s education, housing, and health condition majority of the respondents expressed their perception in “muchâ€ degree. When categorized into high, medium and low categories based on their mean scores and S.D on overall impact, majority of the respondents fell in medium category in both the districts. Further, when impact components were ranked among themselves as per the perception of the respondents “feeling of empowermentâ€ was ranked the first.

Keyword: Bank finance; SHG; Livestock; enterprise;

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