Weed Control Efficiency of Herbicides in Irrigated Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

R.K Singh, S.R.K. Singh and U.S Gautam


A field study was conducted during 2009-10 at farmer’s field by the farmers under supervision by KVK Sehore for control of both type of weed flora (narrow and broad leaf weed) which is shifted in this monotomy cropping system, to find out suitable herbicide for controlling of both type of weed flora in wheat emergence of herbicide Metsulfuron and 2, 4-D @6gm and 500gm/ha at 30-35 DAS effectively weed killing efficiency 38.1% and weed control efficiency 78.3% and their dry matter accumulation reduce 67.4% and weed index 23.5% and increase the grain yield of wheat 37.8% compared to farmer practices. Under this demonstration cost benefit ratio was found 1:2.4 under recommended practices compared to farmer

Keyword: Yield; Weed control; Weed killing efficiency; C:B ratio;

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