Soil Conservation Competencies of the Farmers in the Watershed Area of Vijaypur Block of Jammu

Vinod Gupta, P.K.Rai and Rakesh Nanda


Over exploitation of natural resources by growing population has resulted in various severe problems. Destruction of vegetation has resulted in land degradation, denudation and soil erosion, The soil erosion has converted most of the fertile soils of Jammu and Kashmir into barren, fallow and degraded lands. Recently about 31 per cent (7,02,0000 ha) of the total geographical area of Jammu and Kashmir is found to be highly degraded. The purpose of this study was to examine factors affecting adoption of soil conservation technologies by farmers in watershed area of block Vijaypur. A random sample of 125 farmers was selected for participation in the study. Data was collected through personal interviews with participants at their farms. Overall, farmers tended not to be aware or have low levels of awareness with respect to soil conservation technology. Farmers tended to agree or were unsure about soil conservation technology. The most selected sources of information were fellow farmers, friends and relatives, radio programs, extension agents, and television programs. The least selected sources of information were extension films/movies and local leaders. Concerns over awareness of soil conservation practices, technology, and responsibility for conservation are discussed

Keyword: Land degradation; Denudat

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