The Factors Affecting Rural Migration: A Holistic Study

Anannya Chakraborty, S.K. Acharya and K. Chethana


Rural to urban migration is a very common phenomenon as far as the social, economic and demographic changes are concerned. There are various causes regarding massive rural to urban migration which create a subsequent impact on urban population imbalance and extreme urban decay in India. The present study is conducted in Sira block of the Tumkur district. The area of the study is comprised of villages namely Devarahalli, Chikkanahalli, under Chikkanahalli gram panchyath. The The numbers of respondents were 60 and they were selected randomly. The data were collected trough pilot survey, structured interview and focused group interview. The statistical tools used for data analysis are correlation coefficient, step down regression, path analysis and factor size (X5), family material possession (X10), per capita area(acre) (X15)Per capita income from Agriculture and livestock -(X16) and per capita annual other expenditures-(X19) ;these are the independent variables which are significant with respect to dependent variable i.e. Y: Push Factor.

Keyword: Migration; Social change; Demographic change; Economic change; Income;

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