Content Analysis of Farm Magazine

L. Vatta, B. L. Dhaka and K. Chayal


The study was focused on analysis of the subject matter coverage and mode of presentation alongwith the measurement of readability of articles published in Rajasthan Kheti “Pratapâ€ during the year 2007. All the 12 issues published in year 2007 were considered as a sample for the study. Out of total 173 articles published, majority (16.18 %) of them belong to crop production techniques followed by animal health care management (15.61 %), vegetable production (12.72 %), plant protection (11.56 %) and soil health management (10.98 %). The popular articles format was most commonly used format. Majority of articles published fell under very easy to standard category of readability and were published well in time

Keyword: Print media; Farm magazin

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