Socio-Personal Correlation for Decision-Making and Adoption of Dairy practices

U.S. Gautam, Ram Chand and D.K. Singh


The present study was conducted in Varanasi District of Uttar Pradesh with the objective of Socio-Personal correlation for decision making and adoption of dairy practices by Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) beneficiaries On critical examination of data on the distribution of respondents with socio-personal variable, fifty percent of the total respondents were of the middle aged revealing that dairy as a profession demands a good deal of managerial experience with physical fitness. The studies on forces behind the adoption of new dairy practices have revealed that the herd size, occupation, and social participation with the adoption were positively correlated and family education level of the respondent was highly positively correlated with adoption, while farm size was negatively correlated with the adoption The relationships between age, caste and family size were not significant with adoption of diary practices.It may be concluded that the majority of lower caste like scheduled caste and scheduled tribe have shown keen interest and could be benefited through Integrated Rural Development Programme

Keyword: Socio-Personal; Decision-

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