Impact of Frontline Demonstrations on Yield Enhancement of Potato

D. K. Mishra, Dinesh Kumar Paliwal, R. S. Tailor and Alok Kumar Deshwal


Potato is a predominantly rabi crop of Indore district of ‘Malwa’ plateau of Madhya Pradesh. The crop accounts for 30.28 and 30.30 % of area and production, respectively in Madhya Pradesh. However, the average district yield is 150 quintal/hectare, which is substantially lower than the national average (179.2 quintal/hectare) Considerable scope of enhancement in productivity leading to higher production exists, especially in Indore region, which is earmarked as important Agro Export Zone for potato in the country. It is feasible through regular surveys, farmers meetings and field diagnostics visit followed by persuasion for provision of balanced and adequate nutrition and timely management of blight disease in potato. To demonstrate this, 50 Front Line Demonstrations were organized by KVK, Indore between 2002 and 2007 at four different locations under real farm situations. Prevailing farmers practices were treated as control for comparison with recommended package i.e. balanced use of nitrogenous fertilizer and foliar spray of Mancozeb 75% WP at 30, 45, and 60 days after planting as prophylactic measure to contain the blight disease. The economics and cost benefit ratio of both control and demonstrated plot was worked out. An average of Rs 1,00,900was recorded net profit under recommended practice while it was Rs 87,430 under farmers practice. Cost benefit ratio was 2.62- 3.63 under demonstration, while it was 2.35 - 3.13 under control plots. By conducting Font Line Demonstration of proven technologies, yield potential and net income from potato cultivation can be enhanced to a great extent with increase in the income level of the farming community

Keyword: Transfer of Technology; P

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