Contributory Influence of Training Intervention on Attitude Formation of Dairy Animal Owners towards Dairy Farming

Narendra Khode, B.P. Singh, Mahesh Chander and D. Bardhan


An attitude are not innate, it could be changed also by training intervention. In fact, favourable attitude of the farmer is an important pre-requisite to bring desirable changes in any farming enterprises. Over the years, with enhanced demand for improved agricultural and allied technologies, the number of trainings organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendras (Farm Science Centres) had grew substantially. In this context, the current study has undertaken in Indian state Maharashtra to ascertain the contributory influence of dairy farming trainings over the attitude of participants (90 trainees) toward dairy farming by comparing them with statistically formed control group of 90 un-trained dairy animal owners with application of propensity score matching method. Mann Whitney U test shows a significant difference in rank averages of attitude score of trained and untrained dairy animal owners. Pearson’s correlation coefficients had showed highly significant association of variables like knowledge, entrepreneurial behaviour, economic motivation, mass media exposure, material possession, training participation, milk productivity, in-formal sources utilization with attitude of respondents towards dairy farming. While stepwise multiple regression by backward elimination, predicted family education status, material possession, informal sources of information, dairy herd size, annual family income, annual net income from dairying, entrepreneurial behaviour and knowledge as the most contributing factors towards attitude of respondents. The study showed desirable impact of training programme imparted by Krishi Vigyan Kendras on attitude of dairy animal owners. Hence, it is suggested that training organizing institutes should intensively organize more long duration trainings ensuring larger and wider participation of rural population.

Keyword: Training; Attitude; Influence; Propensity score matching; Krishi Vigyan Kendra

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