'Training Transfer' in Agricultural Research Organizations

R. Venkattakumar and B.S.Sontakki


A research study was pursued to assess the ‘training transfer’ in National Agricultural Research System (NARS), India across Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) organizations. A questionnaire survey was conducted among the scientists who underwent capacity building programmes during 2005-2009 at National Academy of Agricultural Research management (NAARM), Hyderabad. The conceptual model proposed for the study was evaluated and the variables contributed for ‘training transfer’ were depicted in an empirical model. Strategies were recommended for improving the participation of NARS scientists in capacity building programmes, refining the training design and delivery efforts of capacity building programmes of NAARM and improving organizational support climate for motivating scientists to participate in capacity building programmes and respective ‘training transfer

Keyword: Training transfer; Research organizations; Agriculture; NAARM;

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