Determining Predictors Influencing Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Women Self Help Group Members

A. Thakur and U. Barman


The objective of the study was to assess the predictors that influence on entrepreneurial behaviour of women Self Help Group members in Assam, India. Purposive and random sampling techniques were used for the selection of 100 women SHG members as respondents. Data were collected through interview schedule to obtain information related with the objectives of the study. The study revealed that most of the respondents possessed a medium level of entrepreneurial behaviour. The study showed that monthly family income, numbers of training on production technology attended, numbers of training attended on entrepreneurship development, numbers of communication channel used, frequency of communication channel used, frequency of change agent contact and numbers of change agents used had significant positive relationship with entrepreneurial behaviour of respondents. The age had negative and significant relationship with entrepreneurial behaviour. The regression findings showed that education, nos. of communication channel used and age were major variables to explain variability in entrepreneurial behaviour of women SHG members. This paper recommends that entrepreneurial development should be an inbuilt component for all income generating training programmes organised for SHGs. It also recommended that the extension service might provide more support to younger members for development of entrepreneurial skills to transfer the skill to aged members.

Keyword: Entrepreneurial behavior; Women SHG member; Predictors; Assam

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