Adoption Behaviour of Farmers Towards Housing and General Management Practices for Goat Rearing

Vijay Kumar and B. P. Singh


Goats play a major role in the livelihood of vulnerable section of the rural society in India. In the present study a total of 240 goat farmers (having five or more goats) of 24 village of two districts (Firozabad and Mainpuri) of the semi-arid zone of Uttar Pradesh state were interviewed. Respondents were categorized into landless (25.8%), marginal (54.2%) and small & semi-medium (20%) on the basis of landholding. Majority of goat farmers of all categories were partial adopters of housing and general management practices followed by high adopters and low adopters. Average adoption indexes of the practices were 63.6, 60.8, 66.19 and 62.62 for landless, marginal, small & semi medium and overall categories of farmers, respectively. The marginal farmers had significantly lower level of adoption than that of others. The education level of goat farmers had positive and significant contribution in adoption of these practices whereas flock size and age of farmers contributes negatively.

Keyword: Adoption; Goat; Housing; General management

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