Electricity Consumption Indicating Profit and Progress in Meat Marketing Trend in Kohima Nagaland

Barnam Jyoti Saharia, Imlimenla Imchen and K. K. Saharia


In a study conducted among 100 meat consumers and 30 meat sellers in the meat market of Kohima, Nagaland, it was found that there was an orderly preference of meat ranked from first to fourth in the order of pork, beef, chicken and fish respectively. Known for heavy meat eating habits, no significant level of difference existed among the sellers and the customers of meat as far as their consumption pattern were concerned although sellers showed a lower consumption rate in comparison to the customers. For sellers the market activities started as early as 3-00 AM in the morning and for customers it was as early as 6-00 AM. The average sale of meat remaining about 60 kg per day, the peak hours of the meat market were from 7-00 AM to 9-00 AM when 90 per cent of the activities were over for the day. The electricity consumption pattern as a whole in the market was less. However, there were highly significant associations between the electricity consumed and meat sold (0.67**), meat sold and net profit received (0.86**) and electricity consumed and net profit received from meat trade (0.73**) indicating consumption of electricity as a signal of profit and progress

Keyword: Meat consumers; Meat sellers; Meat market; Meat eating habits; Consumption pattern;

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