Adoption Dynamics of Fertilizers and Manure in Potato Crop

Quadri Javeed Ahmad Peer, S.K. Kher, Nafees Ahmad, J.S. Manhas and Jasvinder Kaur


The study on extent of adoption of recommended fertilizers and manure in potato crop by farmers in sub-tropical zone of Jammu division was conducted during the year 2011-12 with a sample size of 225 potato growers selected randomly from 15 villages of three districts namely Jammu, Kathua and Samba,. purposively on the basis of maximum area under potato crop .The findings of the study revealed that 58.33 per cent of farmers had adopted recommended doses of Urea and Diammonium phosphate (DAP) (40.89% each) and Muriate of Potash (MOP) (8.89%). Only 32 per cent of the farmers had used recommended dosage of manure owing its non availability. Majority of the respondents had applied recommended dose of urea, but lesser dose of Muriate of potash and more dose of DAP to the crop. With regard to level of adoption, 45.33 per cent of the respondents had medium level of adoption about fertilizers. In case of constraints, 76.00 per cent of the respondents had reported non-availability of fertilizers in proper time

Keyword: Fertilizers, Manure, Dosage and Extent of adoption;

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