Capacity Building Through KVKs: Training Needs Analysis of Farmers of Arunachal Pradesh

Sajeev, M.V. and A.K. Singha


Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) conduct a variety of trainings for the benefit of farmers and rural youth of their district. Any KVK training programme starts with identification of training needs, the most important step in organization of any training programme. The present study on training needs analysis of the farmers and rural youths was conducted by the Zonal Project Directorate (Zone III) in collaboration with the KVKs in Arunachal Pradesh. A list of 11 major components/ thematic areas was prepared. Under each major component, specific and relevant training needs item were collected and systematically incorporated in to an interview schedule and administered in terms of frequency of training imparted. The results revealed that even in the most popular areas of training, there was an inadequacy. Farmers sought maximum trainings on Integrated farming systems, integrated pest and disease management and technologies for soil and water conservation.Nursery management topped the list under horticulture while training with respect to rearing of piggery was the most sought after one under animal sciences. Income generating activities for empowerment of rural women, formation and maintenance of SHGs and training on small scale processing and value addition were also in high demand. The KVKs have to re-orient their trainings based on these findings to reduce the existing technological and adoption gap among the farmers in Arunachal Pradesh

Keyword: Farmers and rural youth;

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