A Scale to Measure the Attitude of Students towards Online Learning

V. Jyothi and B. Vijayabhinandana


Covid-19 has transformed the centuries old, chalk and talk method of teaching to technology driven teaching. Indeed online education is an alternate to face to face education which has come to the rescue of students and teachers in pandemic. But there are some issues in online education from students point of view. Educational institutions should make every effort to make online education interesting to the students. Technology driven education system need to be strengthened to cope up with the pandemic situation. As a teacher it is very important to know what students are feeling about online education. The negative feelings need to be taken care and efforts need to be made by the teacher to correct them by taking appropriate measures in online teaching. The positive feelings need to be maintained and promoted. Due to the non-availability of a standardized scale to measure the attitude of students towards online learning in the present situation, it was felt necessary to construct a scale. At this point of time a scale was constructed to measure the attitude of students towards online education using equal appearing interval scale developed by Thurstone and Chave (1929). Twenty statements were included in the final scale.

Keyword: Attitude; Online; Learning; Students; Scale;

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