Effect of Multimedia on Preparation of Traditional Dairy Products at the Household Level

Devayan Chatterjee, S.K. Jha and Sanjit Maiti


India is the largest milk producer in the world. Very less amount of the produced milk is being processed at organized and unorganized sector. Hence, majority of the milk is remained unprocessed. Then, the role of the extension personnel has to play an important role in order to impart knowledge and skill. Therefore, a multimedia was developed by National Dairy Research Institute on production procedure of traditional dairy products. A total 96 respondents were selected from the eight villages of the Karnal district of Haryana by using simple random sampling method to quantify the effect of the developed multimedia on knowledge gain and knowledge retention and to document the changes in production procedure of traditional dairy products due to exposure of the multimedia. It was found that there was a significant gain in the knowledge level and considerable change in retention of the gained information regarding production procedure of the traditional dairy products due to exposure to the multimedia. The changes were observed in the method of preparation of dahi, ghee and paneer which were highly desirable for the quality dairy product. Hence, this type of extension intervention may help the rural dairy farmers to produce quality dairy products which may lead their economic prosperity in future. Key words: Traditional dairy products; Knowledge gain; Knowledge retention; Multimedia;

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