A Study of Beekeeping Management Practices in Beekeeping Zones of South-western Region of Nigeria

Kareem, O.W., and P.B. Kharde


The acquisition of skill knowledge about beekeeping management practices is crucial for effective and efficient utilization of the technologies. The study was conducted in the southwestern region of Nigeria. Random sampling technique was used to select 200 respondents. The findings showed that independent variables such as education, years of experience and occupation were positive and significantly related with knowledge at 1% level of significance. But age, farm size, annual income, and distance to market location exhibited negative and significant relationship while gender, household size and number of hives in apiary had no significant relationship with the knowledge level of beekeepers. The result therefore, implies that education is an important factor in the variation of knowledge level. Also, the higher the beekeepers knowledge regarding innovation or technology, the more the tendency for full acceptability of that particular technology.

Keyword: Relationship; Knowledge; Beekeepers; Characteristics; Management practices

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