Association between the Characteristics of Vegetable Growers and Level of Adoption of Eco-Friendly Technologies in Vegetable Cultivation

Rajasree R., F.L. Sharma and B. Upadhyay


Eco-friendly farming is an alternative farming technique of producing crops naturally. Though it has been identified and practiced in worldwide, the extent of adoption varies from place to place and from time to time. The study was conducted to investigate the association of characteristics of vegetable growers in determining the adoption behaviour of eco-friendly technologies in vegetable cultivation. The study employed an Ex post facto research design where the information was collected from 240 farmers of Udaipur District of Southern Rajasthan. The findings shows that utilization of mass media, scientific orientation , training exposure and cosmopolitan outlook had significant association with the level of adoption of eco-friendly technologies in vegetable cultivation. While, characteristics viz. age, education, size of family, annual income, size of land holding, farming experience, innovative proneness, economic orientation, achievement motivation, risk orientation, extension participation and institutional participation were non-significant with the adoption level. Key words: Eco-friendly; Sustainability; Adoption; Association; Vegetable growers;

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