Analysis of Information Seeking Behaviour of the Ber Growers

B. L. Dhayal, I. M. Khan and M.K. Jangid


The behaviour of farmer play an important role in acceptance of new technology from any source or channel. Farmers seek information from training, conferences, exhibitions, campaigns, bulletins, seminar radio, television, newspaper, friends, neighbours, internet, research-stations, village extension workers etc. for the promotion of agricultural production. The present study was conducted in Chomu tehsil of Jaipur district of Rajasthan, which was selected purposely. A sample of 100 ber growers was selected from 10 villages by simple random sampling technique. It was found that majority of the ber growers (76.00%) were having medium level of information seeking behaviour followed by 13.00 percent having low and only 11.00 per cent were having high level of information seeking behaviour. About 85.11 per cent peripheral ber growers had high information seeking behaviour, whereas only 67.92 per cent distant ber growers had high information seeking behaviour

Keyword: Behaviour; Technology; Information;

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