Workplace Factors Affecting Training Transfer – A Meta Evaluation

B.L. Dhaka, L.Vatta and K.Chayal


Training transfer is an important concern for researchers and practitioners due to the huge budget on training but lower estimation of transfer in practical domains. However, training is one of the most popular ways to build the capacity and enhance the productivity of individuals. It has been widely reported in literature that training investment often does not succeed to deliver the desired and expected outcome. This study intended to examine factor affecting training transfer within work environment. A meta-analysis of earlier studies was performed to explore the magnitude in which work environment manipulates training transfer. The independent variables for this study included transfer climate, social support, continuous learning culture, situational constraints, relapse prevention, mentorship, time lag opportunity to perform, and feedback. These variables were analyzed independently to compare their correlation to training transfer.

Keyword: Training; Transfer; Workplace; Factor

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