Role of Farm Women in Agricultural Operations and Decision Making Pattern

Abhilasha Sharma, Dharm Singh and Gopal Singh Solanki


This study was conducted in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh in the year of 2008-09 at Department of Agricultural Extension, R.A.K. College of Agriculture Sehore (M.P.). The main objective of the study was to ascertain the extent of participation and decision making pattern of farm women in agricultural operations. The study revealed that more number of farm women found to have high level of participation in agricultural operation i.e. (47.50%) followed by the medium participation (33.33%) and low participation (19.17%) in agricultural operations respectively. The study also revealed that the higher number of farm women (58.33%) were observed in low category of decision making which was followed by 22.50 per cent and 19.17 per cent respectively in case of medium and high decision making process. The study also revealed that the socio economic factors found to influence the agriculture operations and decision making pattern of farm women positively and significantly

Keyword: Farm women; Agricultural operations; Extent of participation; Decision making pattern;

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