Content Analysis of 'Kalnadai Kathir' - A Livestock Farm Magazine

N. Akila, V. Uma, N. Narmatha and K.M. Sakthivel


A study was carried out on content analysis, a research method that involves the systematic study of the content of messages communicated in Kalnadai Kathir, a bimonthly livestock farm magazine of disseminates timely, recent and useful information on livestock and poultry farming in vernacular language. For this, the issues for ten years, published from 2000 to 2009 were selected with a total of sixty issues. The analysis revealed that the articles were informative, simple and easy to understand by the readers. The major species covered were general livestock, cattle and goat. In poultry species chicken was mainly concentrated. The contents covered in the magazine were mainly aimed for better scientific management practices and occurrence of diseases and its prevention by the farmers. Essay type of articles was the common mode of presentation and the livestock feed and farm related advertisements were published more in the magazine

Keyword: Content analysis; Kalnadai Kathir; Farm magazine; Articles; Livestock;

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