Entrepreneurship Behaviour of Women Entrepreneurs in Imphal of Manipur

D. Ram, M.K. Singh, K. P. Chaudhary and L. Jayarani


Women play a very important role in the economic development. They are involved in business activities at all levels making important contributions to economic growth. Now-a-days, Manipuri women are playing an important role in contributions to the economy that were previously considered male domain. Women also face social and cultural barriers, because the overall perception in society is that a woman’s main duty is to be a good housewife and mother. A woman as an entrepreneur is economically more powerful than a mere worker, because ownership not only confers control over assets but also gives her the freedom to take decision. Majority (66.60%) of the women entrepreneurs in Ima market was middle aged lying in the age group of 38 to 62 years and most of them (23.30%) were illiterate. 62.00 per cent of them were found to have medium total annual income earning Rs.73, 000 to 2, 19,000 annually and majority (58.60%) of the women was found to lie in the medium socio-economic status. Similarly, (70.00%) of the women in Ima Market were married. Most (45.30%) of them established and started their enterprises with their own money without any outside sources. Most of the women entrepreneurs were found to have medium decision making ability (62.00%) and 63.30 per cent of them were found to have medium managerial ability. The results of the investigation revealed that variables like education, family size, annual average income, socio-economic status were positive and significantly correlated with the extent of entrepreneurial behaviour of women. Further, on regression analysis, it was found that the variables like education, family size, and socioeconomic status had significant influence over the extent of entrepreneurial behaviour of women and therefore, were important predictors for any variation in the extent of entrepreneurial behaviour

Keyword: Women entrepreneurship; Decision making; Need for independent; Level of aspiration;

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