Impact of On Campus Training on Knowledge Empowerment of Trainees in Bhilwara District of Rajasthan

C. M. Yadav and O. P. Pareek


The study was conducted in four tehsils viz. Bhilwara, Mandal, Sahara and Kotri in Bhilwara district. Randomly two villages were selected from each tehsil and 35 farmers selected from each village. On campus Farmer’s trainings were organized from April, 2009- March, 2012 on improved animal husbandry practices and use of farm implements at the KVK. The data were collected from 280 farmers through personal interview method using well structure schedule. Pre and post evaluation of faramers was done on the subjects. The contents of knowledge test consisted of questions called items. The level of knowledge was categorized as low, medium and high on the basis of scores obtained. There was higher significant (P<0.05) difference in low & medium levels of socio-economic status between on-Campus trainees on use of animal husbandry practices and improved farm implements. Majority (45.71%) of the on-campus trainee’s use of animal husbandry practices had high level of knowledge followed by medium level of knowledge (41.43%) and low level of knowledge (12.86%). Whereas in use of improved farm implements had majority of 55.71 % trainees, medium level of knowledge 34.29% high level knowledge and 10% had low level knowledge.

Keyword: Training; Knowledge; Trainees; Effect; Empowerment;

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