Factors Affecting the Role of Women in Farming and Allied Activities

Saroj Patel Y.K. Singh and Beena Singh


The present study was carried out Rewa Block in Rewa District of Madhya Pradesh. Random sampling procedure was selected total 80 women. The data were collected by personal interview schedule. The data were analysed using appropriate statistical tools such as: X2, percentage. The findings of the study revealed that majority of the women were in middle age group having up to primary , large land holding , OBC category, Pakka house , low annual income , joint family, married , farming and private sources of drinking water. The dependent variables were role of women in farming and allied activities. The Independent variables were to socio-economic profile of women like as: age, education, caste, type of family, Occupation, Annual income, had non-significant association with the role of women in farming and allied activities.

Keyword: Women; Role; Farming; Allied activities;

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