Gain in Knowledge of Rural Women Regarding Selected Vegetable Cultivation Practices through Media Package in Hisar district of Haryana

Santosh Rani, S.K. Varma, V.P.S. Yadav and Makkhan Lal


The study was conducted in 2014-15 year having distinct methodology. Bhimnagar village was selected randomly from Hansi block of Hisar district of Haryana state. Fifty rural women who involved in vegetable cultivation practices were selected purposively. For assessing the need of the rural women, an inventory pertaining to critical messages and sub-messages was prepared. Messages having top three ranks and ten sub-messages from each selected messages got upper rank were finally selected for media preparation after consultation with Vegetable Science and Extension Education and Communication Management Department experts. Media package in the form of CD for rural women and printed booklet for field functionaries was prepared on selected messages. Standard procedures for preparation of media were adopted. Prepared media package was administered and standardized by 30 judges including Vegetable Science, Horticulture, Extension Education and Communication Management departments and field functionaries etc. Media package was exposed to 30 rural women out of 50 women already selected village. The impact of media was assessed in terms of gain in knowledge of rural women. The study highlighted that Sufficient gain in knowledge regarding vegetables cultivation practices was recorded for each messages viz., tomato, okra and cucurbits cultivation practices. It may, therefore, be concluded that women succeeded in acquiring knowledge after exposing them to media package on vegetables cultivation practices.

Keyword: Gain in knowledge; Rural women; Media package; Vegetables cultivation practices;

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