Comparative Analysis of Knowledge of Dairy Farmers in Assured and Less Irrigated Area Regarding Improved Dairy Husbandry Prac

Rupendra Kumar, S.P. Singh and S.V.S.Chauhan


To know the knowledge of dairy farmers’ in assured and less irrigated areas regarding improved dairy husbandry practices, a study was conducted in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Twelve villages from six blocks were selected for the study. Three blocks from each category i.e., with assured irrigation and more fertility and with less irrigation and less fertility. Thereafter,300 farmers(i.e.,25 from each village), five from each category i.e., landless, marginal ,small ,medium, and large, were selected for this study .The results showed that majority of dairy farmers in both the situations had medium level of knowledge about improved dairy husbandry practices. But more number of farmers from assured irrigated area (33.33%) fell in high category as compared to negligible from less irrigated (5.33%) area. Farmers in assured irrigated and less irrigated areas had highly significant difference in their contact with extension agency, mass media exposure, economic motivation attitude towards dairy farming and knowledge about improved dairy husbandry practices

Keyword: Improved dairy husbandry

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