Information Needs of Orange Growers of Maharashtra

Pravin C. Gedam and R.N. Padaria


Orange is the third most important crop of the region but the productivity of the crop is reported to be dwindling which might be due lack of information about the crop. Thus, the study investigated the information need of the orange growers of Maharashtra. The study was carried out in the three districts of Vidarbha region in Maharashtra. A sample of 120 orange growers was selected using stratified random sampling technique. The study shows that improved varieties, planting material availability and pest and diseases control measures were predominant cultivation information need. In case of post harvest, orange growers mostly sought information about post harvest management practices, cold storage facilities available at market. In case of marketing information, growers mostly need information about arrivals of fruit per day and price of local market

Keyword: Information need; Orange grower; Information source;

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