Adoption Level and Constraints in Rice Production Technology

P.K. Singh and Jay G. Varshney


The yield level of rice which is comparatively low at present need to be increased substantially. Higher rice production can be achieved by adoption of all the recommended technologies by large number of farmers. Adoption of rice production technology was studied during 2006-07 at Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Majority of the respondents (44%) studied were found to be medium level adopters. Adoption of correct dosage of fertilizers and manures as also the recommended variety was the highest (75 and 65% resp.) followed by seed treatment with fungicides (61%), plant protection (53%) and weedicide application (52%). The least adoption was for recommended nursery practices and plant population (8%, and 4% resp.). Majority of the farmers showed medium level of overall adoption of recommended technology. Weedicide application, pest and disease management in nursery maintaining plant population in main field were not adopted by the majority of the farmers. ‘Non availability of high yielding varieties’, High cost of labour’ ‘Lack of conviction in the new technology’ and ‘Weak extension activities at the village level were the major constraints faced by the farmers

Keyword: Adoption; Constraints; Ri

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