Rationale Behind Adoption of Agriculture Farming Systems by the Farmers

P.P. Wankhade, D.M. Mankar, N.M. Kale, P.P. Bhople


The present investigation was carried out with an exploratory design of social research in two districts of the Vidarbha Region under rainfed agriculture i.e. Akola and Nagpur. Two Panchayat Samiti namely Akola and Barshitakli from Akola district and Kalmeshwar Panchayat Samiti of Nagpur district were selected. Six villages each were selected randomly.A sample of 60 adopters adopting different farming systems was drawn randomly.A structured pre tested interview schedule was prepared and used for data collection. Findings of the study revealed that among the farming systems, Agriculture + Dairy farming systems was adopted by majority of the respondents (60.00%), followed by 30 per cent of them adopting Agriculture + Goat farming system. Family members emerged as a motivating force for majority of the adopters (60.00 %), followed by nearly half of them (48.33%) by the extension personnel. Majority of the adopters of Agriculture + Dairy, Agriculture + Poultry, Agriculture + Goat farming and Agriculture + Forestry farming systems had moderate infrastructural as well as secondary facilities available with them. Cent per cent respondents disposed off the by products of farming system in the form of organic manure in their own field. Further findings revealed that getting additional income, getting byproduct and availability of raw material were the important rationale for adoption of the farming systems

Keyword: Agriculture farming systems; Adoption; Rationale;

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