Relationship between Different Variables and Factors Causing Failure of Rural Youth Clubs

B.P. Mishra, B. Mishra, P. Singh, R.R. Yadav and Kiran


The youths of the today are the hope of tomorrow. They are the backbone of a country. Youths reflect the national potentially and represent the life blood of a nation. It is golden rule to remobilise the youths for their constructive involvement in any programme aimed at developing the community through the optimum utilization of best available human resource. Despite of being so salient element of building a better rural India, no serious attempt was made to develop the integrated personality of rural youths. The present study was undertaken in Amaniganj block of Faizabad District of eleven Nyay Panchayats. Six Nayay Panchyats and twelve villages were purposively selected, further the list of each sample village was prepared and hundred members were selected through proportionate random sampling method. The majority (71%) respondents were found belonging to middle age 24-59 years, 79% were having participated in one organization. The education was significant and negatively correlated with social factors

Keyword: Rural youth; Constructive

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