Utilization Pattern of Communication Sources among the Farmers of Manipur

Amita Hanglem, R. Saravanan and K. Pradhan


In the current scenario, agricultural communication sources can be utilized for providing accurate, timely, pertinent information and services to the farmers, thereby facilitating an environment that agriculture occupation is also remunerative. In this context, the study was conducted with an aim to analyze the utilization level regarding the communication sources of the farming community and identify the associated attributes with it. The study was conducted in Imphal-West and Bishnupur district of Manipur. The multistage purposive and proportionate random sampling procedure was followed to identify the respondents of the study. The findings of the study revealed that majority of the farmers were in middle age group having medium level of education, land holding, socio-economic status, cosmopoliteness and scientific orientation. Utilization of communication sources, socio-economic status, scientific orientation, information seeking behaviour and market orientation were found significantly different among the whole population even if, there was no significant difference in awareness of communication sources among the farmers of Bishnupur district. However, the association of communication, sources utilization pattern with personal and socio-economic characteristics of farmers differs in between the two districts. Significant association was found between utilization of communication sources and level of education, land holding, SE status, cosmopoliteness, scientific orientation, information seeking behaviour and market orientation. Information KIOSK at village level should be established in both the districts for increasing the usage of these sources by the farmers.

Keyword: Agricultural communication; Communication sources; Cosmopoliteness; Information access;

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