Knowledge of Farm Women on Nutritional Value of Farm Products in Bangladesh

Afrin Sultana, Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, Muhammad Ziaul Hoque and Dipanwita Bhattacharjee


Farm women are the users of the major part of farm products and, therefore, it is imperative for them to have knowledge on nutritional value of farm products. Therefore,the present study undertook an initiative to determine the extent of nutritional knowledge of farm women. A sample of 100 respondents was selected out of three selected villages under Sadar upazila of Tangail district following the proportionate random sampling technique. Data were collected using pretested interview schedule during November to December 2014. Simple statistics like number, mean, range, percentile and standard deviation were used. Pearson’s coefficient of correlation was employed to explore relationships between nutritional knowledge of farm women and their selected characteristics. Knowledge level was measured considering nine selected criteria. Findings revealed that highest proportion of the respondent (89.0%) possessed poor knowledge on nutrition.Age, education and farming experience showed positive significant relationship with knowledge level of the farm women. The possible reasons identified by the respondents lied behind their poor nutritional knowledge were: poor experience regarding farming activities, lack of education, improper facilities of training by different government organizations, insufficient sources of information and lack of cosmopoliteness.Major suggestions mentioned by the respondent to improve existing nutritional knowledge of them were:increasing opportunity for functional technical training and improving facilities for available communication sources.

Keyword: Knowledge; Nutrition; Farm products;

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