Enhancing Productivity and Quality of Onion through drum roll planting with drip and INM in Solapur district of Maharashtra

L.R. Tambade V.B. Bhise and Lakhan Singh


Onion is an important fresh vegetable consumed all over the world. Traditional planting method, irrigation practices and fertilizer application leads to low productivity. Micronutrient deficiency (specially S, Zn, Fe, Mg & Boron ) is common feature. KVK promote the drum roll planting (drum shaped raised bed), drip system, integrated nutrient management on the basis of soil testing on farmer’s field. The technology includes planting of onion on drum roll(BBF) method, application of 125:70:25 Kg NPK per ha with 25 kg Sulphur,20kg Zn,20 kg Fe,15 kg Mg,5 kg Boron & 20 kg Silicon per ha, Water management through Drip irrigation system and also use of water soluble fertilizers for foliar application. As a result of that beneficiary farmers had secured 21.25 ton/ ha average yield, where as in local it was 13.76 ton/ha. The improvement in yield was up to 50.60 percent. The B:C ration was 2.40. Due to KVK Intervention the farmers got gross income of Rs. 2,51,580 per ha. The net profit per ha has been improves from Rs. 73,263/- to 1,41,309/- which was 192.87 per cent higher than farmers traditional practices. . Also improves A grade Bulbs from 31.47 to 57.07 per cent. The technology spread on 365 ha with the help of line department and total 478 farmers were directly benefited through horizontal dissemination.

Keyword: Onion; Drum roll; Integrated Nutrient Management;

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