Effectiveness of Mobile App on Fodder Production in Terms of Knowledge Gain among Livestock Farmers of Karnataka

Pavan Belakeri, K. Satyanarayan, V. Jagadeeswary, S. Yathiraj, K. C. Veeranna and Y. B. Rajeshwari


The study deals with the effectiveness of Mobile App on fodder production in terms of knowledge gain among livestock owners. The study was purposively conducted in the state of Karnataka as the Fodder App developed was in Kannada language. Thirty livestock farmers possessing smart phones were selected randomly from each division of the state, thus sample size was 120. The Fodder App provides complete package of practices with audio-visual support, even literates can also access. Study was undertaken to assess the knowledge on fodder production of livestock farmers at pre and post exposure of Fodder App. The findings of the study revealed that majority of the livestock farmers possessed low level of knowledge at the pre-exposure stage, however in the post-exposure stage, majority rose to the high knowledge category showing considerable improvement in knowledge level. Study showed the knowledge gain among all respondents, wherein mean knowledge score at pre and post exposure stages were 8.80 and 21.17 with difference of knowledge gain showing 12.37 i.e 41.23%. The difference observed between the knowledge mean scores of livestock farmers in pre and post exposure stages was found to be statistically significant.

Keyword: Fodder App; Livestock farmers; Knowledge gain;

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