Traditional Wisdom Practices among Rural Women Regarding Health and Care of Infants

Aishwarya Dudi and Archana Raj Singh


The word “traditionalâ€ implies the sense of tradition. The term, tradition is derived from the term ‘tradere’ which means to transmit. In other words tradition is transmission of community value and behaviour which is rooted in past. The study was conducted in purposely-selected two villages with sample of 50 rural women of Bikaner panchayat samiti; district Bikaner of Rajasthan. The interview schedule was used for data collection. Five experts (Ayurvedic doctors) were selected for scientific validation of the traditional practices and for that a questionnaire was prepared. The major findings of the study showed that the practices like Ghutti of honey or jaggery, 2-3 drops of boiled thymal water, boiled water with nutmeg and raw and roasted cloves, cleaning of body with dry cloth and body massage for infant (0-2 years) deserves encouragement and should be retained. Some practices which have been considered unscientific should be discouraged as discarded viz., rubbed infant’s own discarded navel cord with kajal applying in eyes and breast feed the new baby after 2-3 days for infant (0-2 years). The study thus reveals that in rural areas most of the practices and traditions followed have got scientific validity and can be further recommended

Keyword: Traditional wisdom, indig

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