Socio-Economic Profile and Expenditure Pattern of the Practitioners of Urban Agriculture

Veenita Kumari and Junuthula Shirisha


This research paper attempts to study the socio-economic profile and expenditure pattern of the active practitioners of urban agriculture from Telangana State. Agriculture is and was the backbone of India, but rapid urbanization and high population density have impacted agriculture sector greatly. Agriculture is now faced with the problems of low availability of water for cultivation, land availability, nutrient depletion in soil, migration, non-agricultural jobs; consequent to this per cent age of people engaged in agriculture sector is gradually declining. However, there are quite a good per cent age of urban people who yet not have left their passion for agriculture. People who love gardening have gradually evolved themselves as urban farmers, growing vegetables and fruits in and around their homes. Hundred such active urban agriculture practitioners were selected as sample for the study from various areas of Hyderabad city, Telangana State. A semi-structured interview schedule was prepared to collect data on socio-economic profile and expenditure pattern of the respondents and the responses were recorded. The data was collected through personal interview method. The results were statistically analyzed and interpreted logically. The study results showed that majority (46.0%) of the respondents were old aged, highly educated (post graduate & above) and married. Their monthly income ranged fromRs.12,545 to Rs. 85,759. About 50.0 per cent of their total monthly income was spent on non-food items, while 1/4th (25.0%) was spent on food. The results showed that urban agriculture practitioner’s expenditure was more on non-food items than the food items. Lack of or low awareness with regard to the consumption pattern had an impact on budgeting of the urban farming practitioners. Hence government policies should also focus on organizing awareness programs to promote urban farming among urban and peri-urban dwellers.

Keyword: Socio-economic profile; Expenditure; Income; Urban agriculture; Urban agriculture; practitioners;

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